Google employees banned from using Zoom

The security and safety of the video-conferencing app has come under question.


Following the coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing work-from-home situation, most companies have been widely using the video conferencing app, Zoom to help employees stay connected. This had resulted in an overwhelming increase in the usage of the app. However, with its security and safety feature coming under scrutiny, Google has banned use of the app amongst its employees.

New York City’s Department of Education has also begun to ban the usage of the app for the purpose of learning or working from home.

Of late, there have been several reports of people forcing themselves into virtual meetings of employees without invitation, during the lockdown. Users have also complained that the app has been sending personal data to Facebook, as it employs a software development kit (SDK) used by Facebook. Incidents have to come light wherein hate speeches or flashes of porn and objectionable content have disrupted Zoom video calls.

Google has informed Zoom that it will not allow its staff to use the app on their official laptops or desktops. However, it also conveyed that if the employees wish to use the app on their personal communication devices or mobile phones, they will be allowed to do so at their own risk.

The CEO of Zoom has admitted to a security issue in the app and has assured that the same will be fixed, but that a month’s time will be required for the same.

Meanwhile, a case has been filed against Zoom by one of its investors, Michael Drieu, accusing the company of hiding some of the app’s shortcomings and security defects. It also alleged that the app failed to offer end-to-end encryption.

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