Angry employee robs Flipkart office of Rs 21 lakh

The employee brandished a toy gun and robbed the office with the help of two others


A Flipkart employee whose employment was terminated about a month ago, decided to get back at his employer and how! The said employee, with the help of two friends, planned to rob the Flipkart office at Sonipat using a toy gun. The best part is that they managed to successfully pull it off.

Being aware of the higher volume of cash flow into the office owing to the festive season deluge of orders, the former employee, Sumit, had strategically planned the robbery with Anil Tiger and Sandeep last month. Not only did they manage to carry out the plan on 16 October, but were able to evade the cops for a while.

Two of the three have reportedly been caught, while the third, Sandeep, is still absconding.

Of the total amount of Rs 21 lakh that was robbed, only about six lakhs have been recovered along with an abandoned car.

Frustrated laid-off employees have been expressing their anger in unusual ways of late. Recently, a former employee of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), who was laid off decided to vent her disgruntlement by making a hoax bomb threat call. The call, which was received in the B block of the Think Campus, at Hosur Road, Bengaluru, led to the bomb disposal squad being sent for. However, even after combing the area thoroughly the squad did not find any explosives anywhere inside or near the complex


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