Mahindra Group announces 5-year maternity policy

The policy allows the ‘Mothers of Mahindra’ to be good mothers without compromising their professional journey or growth


That Mahindra cares for its women, especially those on a motherhood journey, is clear from its latest 5- year maternity policy. This policy is designed to allow women to play excellent mothers to their children without losing out on professional growth opportunities.

Going all out to support #MothersOfMahindra, the five-year inclusive maternity policy promises the women a stress-free motherhood experience.

As part of the pre-childbirth support offered for a year, the policy reimburses 75 per cent of the cost incurred on two IVF treatment cycles. The expectant women can travel premium economy within the country and business class for international travel. They will also be reimbursed up to Rs 600 for their daily commute to work in the last trimester.

As part of the maternity assistance, the new mothers are eligible for 26 weeks of maternity leave (even in cases of adoption and surrogacy). In the unfortunate event of a miscarriage, they can avail 45 days of miscarriage leave. Up to Rs 1.25 lakh of the expenses incurred during maternity can be reimbursed.

The policy also provides post-maternity assistance for three years. That means, for three years, the new mothers can enjoy flexible work schedules, provided they are at the base location and have obtained approval from their line managers. An allowance of Rs 5,000 is granted for two years, for baby care.

These benefits go a long way in putting expectant and new mothers at ease, mentally and physically, ensuring their overall health and well-being throughout their maternity journey.

That is not all, while these women are on leave, they need not fear that their career has gone out the window. They are eligible for performance pay for full year and also considered for promotions. When they rejoin work, same or comparable roles are made available to them.

That is not all. The ‘Back to Mahindra’ programme encourages women employees of Mahindra on a career break to get back into the groove. They are offered a year’s sabbatical for childcare (up to 12 years of age).

Additionally, all women at Mahindra are assured safe transportation facility between 8 pm and 6 pm.


  1. Awesome policy. Congratulations to Mahindra management. Way to go. I am sure this will inspire more companies to follow. I am curious to see how it gets implemented on the ground. This needs to flow down to all levels so that women experience the result. This will help Mahindra to grow and they will get loyal women employees!

  2. I wish it was there in 2020 when I had to left my Job to take care of my new born.

    Is it possible or company allow its ex employees to resume their careers in tech mahindra.

  3. It’s a great initiative, but why the maternity policy is all about the mother and not the father? They should be able to be with their family during this phase. May not be 5 years, but at least 1-3 months should be fair. They are equally part of this journey.

  4. A lot of the above mentioned benefits are usually part of a well negotiated group medical insurance and the leaves mentioned for other instances like miscarriages is already mandated by the Maternity Benefit Act. Though the company has tried to bring Ina few more benefits in addition to this, I felt the article headline was misleading!

  5. Through Mahindra could incur heavy losses, it has provided something which no other company would even think of giving to its employees. Hats off to them, it’s really amazing ??.

    Not only that with this they solved yet another big issue of fireing employees (which is nowaday a tread in the industry). They can remove employees from organization and hier new ones with better skills in AI and other technology, also can provide trainings when women’s rejoin the organisation and make them for for managing all the operations in Mahindra.

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