‘Get managers’ approval & take on gig work’: Infosys to staff

The tech company has allowed employees to take up gig jobs provided it does not affect their performance, work or productivity at Infosys


In what appears to be an endeavour to control attrition, Infosys will now let its employees work on gig projects, as long as their managers approve of the same, and there is no conflict of interest whatsoever.

That way, employees will be able to earn extra by pursuing work pertaining to their passions or other interests in their personal time.

The employees will have to ensure that the gig work they are engaged in does not have anything to do with Infosys’ competitors, rivals or clients. Also, they cannot work on gig projects during their office hours at Infosys. They cannot allow their gig assignments to affect their work, efficiency, performance or productivity at Infosys.

This move will, to some extent, allow Infosys to keep attrition in check.

While it is reported that Infosys has conveyed to the employees how and what kind of gig work they can take up, it has not defined either ‘gig’ or ‘moonlighting’.

Of late, there has been a lot of debate in corporate circles on ‘moonlighting’, which is the practice of employees taking up other jobs on the side while being on the rolls of a company.

Infosys was amongst the various companies that had expressed its disapproval of moonlighting and had stated that it has even fired employees in the past year for indulging in dual employment.

Infosys has its internal Accelerate platform that offers gig opportunities and allows managers to post skill-based gig jobs for employees of Infosys.

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