Gujarat state government employees to get 10-days leave for meditation training

The Gujarat government is very confident that Vipassana meditation will help in improving the focus of employees in their work.


To improve the productivity and focus on work, Gujarat government will give 10-days ‘on duty’ leave to the state government employees for Vipassana or Buddhist mediation.

The employees can voluntarily take part in the Vipassana training camp for 10 days and after the completion of the course, they would have to submit a completion certificate to the government.

The practice of Vipassana is descended from Buddhism. Vipassana meditation is very different from mindfulness meditation which focuses on awareness and transcendental meditation which uses a mantra.

Vipassana is more about dictating a blanket command of non-reaction to your brain. It is a way to self-transform through self-observation. It focuses on paying attention to the physical sensation in your body which forms the life of your body. People who practice this art say that within 10 days you can train your brain to not react to all the adverse changes in your life.

The Gujarat government is very confident that Vipassana training can improve the focus of employees at work.

In the corporate world, organisations take the health of their employees seriously, but it’s rare for government organisations to implement such initiatives for its employees.


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