RepIndia announces 4-day mental health break for its employees

Also, the integrated digital company has started an instagram page called @Cov.id911, where verified information related to COVID 19 in terms of vital resources, leads and treatment, is posted


RepIndia, a marketing agency with offices in Mumbai and Delhi, has allowed its employees to take a four day mental health break this month, from May 6 to 9, 2021. All operations for the given time period will be shut so that employees can rejuvenate, heal themselves, spend time with their family and get vaccinated.

Understanding the situation at hand, the Company has shown some compassion towards its people. With its employee’s wellbeing at the centre of its culture, the Company has allowed their workforce to channelise their mind towards something more important at this point of time — their health and family. The Company realises that many people are going through mental trauma with tragedies in their families. Employees are granted leave extensions, if required, without any questions asked.

As per the CEO of the company, Archit Chenoy, this is the time to support employees when the whole nation is going through a national crisis. He believes that during these stressful times, this is the least the Company can do to support its employees. He hopes, that other organisations will also recognise this fact and give their employees some breathing space.

Additionally, RepIndia has started an Instagram page called @Cov.id911, where its posts verified information related to COVID-19 in terms of vital resources, leads and treatment. The employees of RepIndia have teamed up to not just extend a helping hand to each other but also to the outside world.

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