FADA Academy to train auto dealers and their workforce


Yes Bank will support FADA in this endeavour.

Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations is all set to launch FADA Academy that will train the workforce of automobile dealers.

The academy will provide training and development programs for dealer principles, CEO’s, service leaders, finance leaders and sales leaders.

The course coverage will be across a spectrum of topics such as finance, strategy, customer experience, digital and innovation, process management techniques, which will benefit the auto retailers and their teams to manage their business more efficiently.

Yes Bank will support FADA in this endeavour.

FADA Academy will prepare current and future dealer leadership to build front-end and back-end processes, improve customer and technical operations and enhance financial results of each department in the dealership.

The auto retail industry has conventionally been a family managed business, with families running these businesses for almost three to four decades, in case of some of the large dealerships.

In such businesses, the first generation’s inclination towards adapting to new technologies is low as opposed to the second and third generation who are B-school graduates but may have a knowledge gap in terms of KPI.

This unique knowledge-based partnership aims to address skill gaps to make auto retailers in India globally competitive by making the industry technically sound, thereby helping institutionalize the sector.

In the first year, the academy aims to up skill 500+ dealer principles and 3000+ teams on various technical and management programs.

In order to make it more comprehensive, various formats such as workshops, certification courses, and management development programs will be included in the courses to be imparted through classroom, online and blended learning sessions through FADA Academy.

John K Paul, President, FADA, says “The academy aims to evolve into a mechanism for constant learning amongst the fraternity. When disruptions become inevitable, ignorance can prove to be fatal. Through this academy we will not only provide a platform for acquiring knowledge but also encourage to think creatively and adapt to change.”


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