HFDC Bank to hire 500 techies

The Bank is gearing to establish digital and enterprise ‘factories’ to enhance its IT infrastructure and transform its technology


HDFC Bank, which has been struggling with frequent tech snags for a couple of years now, is now gearing up to do something about it. It plans to take on 500 people over a period of two years, to enhance its information technology infrastructure. It is looking for talent in the areas of data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, design thinking, cloud and DevOps.

The tech outages had caused the Reserve Bank of India to prohibit HDFC from sale of new credit cards. The Bank had also been told to stop launching any new digital products.

Currently, the workforce strength of the Bank is about 1.2 lakh. It is now planning to establish digital and enterprise ‘factories’ for launching new digital products and services. The improvement of its IT infrastructure is also a part of this technology augmentation and transformation plan.

The move is expected to make the Bank’s services more reliable, secure, scalable and accessible. The objective is also to improve the legacy infrastructure with advanced tech, decouple the current systems and become more competent.

The Bank has reportedly been discussing with the RBI about lifting the ban that has been imposed on it and resuming the offer of new digital products and credit cards. The Bank will be working on addressing the issues that resulted in outages and come up with meaningful solutions.

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