Indian Railways to lay off 3 lakh under-performing staff

Zonal railway offices are also compiling a list of staff members nearing 55 years of age or 30 years of service.


In a bid to get rid of underperformers, the zonal railways offices are busy compiling a list of staff members with disciplinary issues, those that do not perform as required, and also those nearing the age of 55 or about to complete 30 years of service in the first quarter of 2020.

A proforma has been provided to the zonal offices in which they are expected to fill in the service records of the employees nearing retirement or about to complete 30 years of service or close to qualifying for pension.

The employees that make it to the list will be offered premature retirement.

The details are to be provided by the 9 August.

The 13 lakh strong railway workforce will be trimmed down to 10 lakh in a year’s time.

Employee records will be assessed in terms of the mental and physical health of the employees, their attendance and punctuality. Their manner of dealing with correspondence, discipline level and extent of cost consciousness will also be rated as part of the trimming exercise.

The Indian Railways is the largest employer in the country with about 1.4 million (approx 14 lakh employees). The Railways was allocated a budget of Rs 65,837 crore in the Union Budget 2019. However, the challenge is that the estimated salary payout if Rs 86,554.31 crore, which is about Rs 14,000 crore more than 2018.

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