Tesla hiring in Thailand, preparing to launch EV

The EV manufacturer is looking for service advisors, store managers, senior accountants, business development managers and senior recruiters amongst others


Thailand may soon be the second country in South East Asia to have Tesla’s presence, after Singapore. Tesla is gearing up to launch its electric vehicles in Thailand for the first time as is evident by its hiring spree. The job postings indicate that Tesla is looking for talent in the areas of accounts, consumer engagement, public policy and business development and recruitment. The Company is also on the lookout for service advisors and store managers.

From its postings it appears the Company is looking for home charging developers and talent pertaining to charging infrastructure in Bangko. This indicates that it may be planning a Supercharger, although there is no official announcement yet.

Tesla is already registered in Thailand officially. Its mobile app has been added to Thailand’s iOS App Store.

Tesla only permits its mobile app to be downloaded in locations where its vehicles are officially sold. Till now, Tesla owners in Thailand had to set up an Apple account from a country where Tesla’s mobile app can be downloaded. Now, they can download the app from the Thai version of the iOS App Store directly.

Many people in Thailand own Tesla cars, which they have taken the trouble to import. This has been an encouraging factor for Tesla to consider while establishing a market in the country.

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