EY develops digital HR tool to manage gig workers


The job-placement portal, GigNow, is capable of sorting resumes, ranking competencies and matching them with available openings

The gig economy is growing faster today, with more people wanting to freelance than opt for a full-time job. Companies are also increasingly approaching freelancers to do their work, rather than hiring permanent employees. Both, employers and freelancers, are benefitting from this contractual arrangement. While the employers are able to cut costs, the freelancers are getting their time and space to do what they like.

Ernst & Young also hires contractual workers to do its work. And to manage its contract work efficiently, the multinational professional services company has developed a digital HR tool.

EY has a job-placement portal called GigNow. Freelancers and contract workers interested in working at EY can upload their resumes on this portal. The portal then sorts the freelancers’ skills using its advanced search, ranks capabilities and matches them with the openings. The platform will be further upgraded with AI capabilities.

The portal helps the freelancers search for assignments, based on keywords, job title, service line, competency, skills, location, duration of project and part-time or full-time contract.

Launched in March, GigNow, has listed over 1000 positions, with 622 being filled through this very platform.

The Company is promoting this platform extensively to get freelancers to upload their resumes in the database. It is also contacting existing temporary workers and former employees for the same.

With several researches having indicated that people prefer freelancing to permanent employment today, it is time companies use the gig economy to their advantage.

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