ZingHR announces the induction of corporate legend Shailesh Haribhakti onto its Board of Advisors

In his new role, Shailesh will guide the overall expansion and strategy of the company


In an endeavour to accelerate its global footprint, ZingHR announced the induction of Mr. Shailesh Vishnubhai Haribhakti onto its Board of Advisors. Mr. Haribhakti is a renowned entrepreneur, visionary, innovator, teacher, skilled orator, author, and analyst.

Shailesh Haribhakti has donned many hats in his career, from being a Chartered and Cost Accountant, an Internal Auditor, a Certified Financial Planner, to a Fraud Examiner. He is a Board Chairman, Audit Committee Chairperson, and Independent Director at some of the country’s most pre-eminent organisations. A Thought Leader on Indian Economy and Public Policy, he is an ExTech (Exponential Technologies), ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) & IR (Integrated Reporting) Evangelist.

One of his notable contributions to the corporate world is the founding of the concept “Innovate to Zero” and technology-enabling CSR to ensure that every impact of every corporate intervention is focused, widespread, co-operative and far-reaching. He has authored several books including, ‘The Digital Professional’ and ‘Audit Renaissance’, which elucidates India’s growth story.

“Shailesh Haribhakti is a corporate professional par excellence and a multifaceted personality. We are thrilled to have such an accomplished leader join our Board, as we aim to expand our global footprint to offer cutting-edge solutions to our esteemed clientele,” said Prasad Rajappan, Founder and CEO, ZingHR.

“ZingHR is built by the energy of youth and the power of technology. SDG 8 fulfilment is the Northstar for ZingHR as we enter the era of work from anywhere, with talent from anywhere giving its ‘decent work’ to build a better planet. It is future-ready and forward-looking in thought and deed!” said Shailesh Haribhakti.

ZingHR is an HRTech venture accelerated at Microsoft, with more than 400+ employees, 600+ customers, and 1.40 million+ active users. It offers a range of solutions that help end-to-end processes in HR through Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning algorithms, which helps improve employee performance and drives process efficiency in recruitment, offers ease of leave, attendance, payroll, and claim management. ZingHR is one of the few global ventures which offers almost all web and mobile-based modules from Hire to Retire Solutions with a seamless, state-of-the-art technology supporting those applications. ZingHR helps organisations to go beyond automation and deliver solutions that have a direct impact on Business Outcomes – Outcomation™. The biggest driving force behind ZingHR’s success is the Performance Culture and obsession to deliver Business Outcomes.

ZingHR has created an Outcomation™ platform for the betterment of workforces across the globe. After a successful launch in the Middle East, ZingHR is aggressively expanding its global footprint in the HRTech & HRMS business domain.

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