Ahead enters Indian market; aims to hire 750+ employees by 2025

The company aims to expand its workforce in order to deliver impactful results for clients and establish a strong presence in the Indian market


Ahead, a Chicago-based enterprise, has recently entered the Indian market by establishing its inaugural service delivery office in Gurugram. This expansion marks an important milestone for the company as it extends its operations into India.

Looking ahead, the company has set its sights on hiring over 750 employees in India by the year 2025. This strategic move highlights Ahead’s commitment to growth and its confidence in the opportunities presented by the Indian market. This strategic move reflects the company’s enthusiasm for the opportunities presented by India and its commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients.

Praveen Grover, vice president and managing director, Ahead India, expressed excitement about the prospects in India and emphasised the company’s dedication to hiring talented professionals across various levels. The recruitment efforts will encompass data analysts, data engineers, cloud security analysts, cloud network engineers, operations, marketing, and HR personnel. By the end of 2024, Ahead India envisions a significant workforce and a strengthened presence in the region.

Ahead’s focus in India will revolve around bolstering its managed services, digital solutions, security, data centre, network, and enterprise service management practices. By providing clients with access to cutting-edge technology and expert guidance, the company aims to facilitate their growth and success. With a commitment to innovation and growth, Ahead looks forward to making a significant impact in the Indian market.

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