Apple’s suppliers luring workers with attractive bonuses

With the iPhone 13 models about to be launched, suppliers of Apple in China are finding it challenging to attract workers to meet production demand


Suppliers of Apple in China are prepping to meet the surge in demand that is anticipated following the upcoming launch of the iPhone 13 models. They are competing with each other to lure new hires, and are offering attracting bonuses to workers in the process.

There is a dearth of workers, and this is a time when more resources are required ahead of the September launch. In China, there are less takers for factory jobs these days. More workers are opting to move out of the industrial workforce. The mobile manufacturing factories will require thousands of workers to fulfil the demand for the new iPhone models, which is expected to be very high. Therefore, they are left with no option but to attract workers with high starting bonuses.

Foxconn, for instance, which produces about 80 per cent of the global iPhones, at its Zhengzhou factory, has increased the starting bonus for new hires to a whopping 10,200 yuan, that is, about US$1,578! Lens Technology, which used to offer 5,000 yuan earlier, is now offering a starting bonus of 10,000 yuan, since May 2021. Similarly, Luxshare Precision, which operates a factory in Guangdong, which used to offer an internal referral bonus of 2,500 yuan till April 2021, has doubled the amount to 5,000 yuan starting May. It also offers a top-up bonus of 3,800 yuan to former employees who opt to rejoin.

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