Around 400 vocational training institutes de-affiliated by Centre


MSDE has been inspecting and grading the ITIs across the country for quality and infrastructure adequacy.

The central and state governments’ recent focus has been on skill development. The Central Government launched the Skill India Mission to skill the youths of the country. Skilling the youths in the country is important today to make them employable. With the advancement in technology over the years, we have seen changes in the kind of skill required to excel in a particular job.

In the last two years, the Government has set up a large number of skill centres in India to skill and train the youth. It has also partnered with industry players for skill development.

The Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) were set up in all states, long back, to provide vocational training to students passing out from secondary school. The students are trained in industrial skills, such as mechanics, tailoring and so on.

While the presence of these institutes is very assuring, it is also crucial to ensure that the quality of training provided by them is up to the mark. To achieve this, these institutes need to have proper infrastructure and qualified faculty to teach the students.

Recently, the Central Government conducted a quality check of these training institutes across the country and found that many of them lacked proper infrastructure and trainers. As a result, it has de-affiliated around 400 of these ITIs.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has inspected the quality and graded about 5100 ITIs so far, and many more still remain.

Rajesh Agrawal, the joint secretary of MSDE said that the training institutes which fail to qualify the quality check will be slowly eliminated.

In India, around 70 lakh people are enrolled in vocational training programmes, of which the government vocational training programmes cater to about 32 per cent.

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