Assam state transport corporation terminates 771 illegally hired employees

Reports indicate that the ASTC dismissed approximately 771 employees who were illegally recruited across various divisions


On May 31, the Assam state transport corporation (ASTC) reportedly terminated the employment of 771 individuals who were allegedly hired without proper procedures. 

Sources revealed that during the tenure of Anand Prakash Tiwari and Khagendra Nath Chetia as managing directors, these employees were recruited without following the necessary protocols. It is believed that due processes, such as adhering to established procedures and guidelines, were not followed during their recruitment.

As a result, the ASTC has taken action to rectify the situation by terminating the services of these employees. This step highlights the organisation’s commitment to ensuring transparency and adherence to proper hiring practices.

According to the sources, the government has issued instructions to terminate the employment of the mentioned employees, and notifications are being sent to the relevant divisions to inform them of this decision.

According to a notice, there have been allegations regarding the recruitment of 2,274 contractual staff in the Assam state transport corporation (ASTC). It is claimed that these staff members were hired without following the proper procedure, including the system of reservation, and conducting interviews. 

The notice states that an investigation will be conducted to verify these allegations. If found to be true, a show cause notice will be issued to the former managing director of ASTC for disregarding government norms.

Furthermore, departmental proceedings will be initiated against any government officials involved in such actions. The notice emphasises the need for a thorough examination of the matter.

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