Blinkit changes incentive system, delivery personnel protest

Services were disrupted in Delhi-NCR, with workers going on strike against the revised pay structure


The delivery personnel or partners of Blinkit, the delivery service app, are irked by the way their delivery rates have been reduced because of the changes made in the incentive system. The workers are also overworked as they put in 12 to 14 hours of work daily.

The upset delivery workers in Delhi-NCR went on a strike against the revised pay structure. This led to a series of protests across Delhi-NCR, including Faridabad and Gurugram.

They have even sought the intervention of the Gurugram District Commissioner. As a result, the Haryana Labour Department has reportedly issued a notice to Blinkit. Support has also been reportedly offered to the protestors by the All India Gig Workers’ Union.

As per the new pay structure, the delivery partners are required to book their time slots and achieve the targets set for them, say media reports. Their payment is to be made based on the distance covered, that is, per kilometre. Simply put, each delivery partner will be paid based on the effort he/she uses to deliver the order.

As per the earlier system, it is reported that each delivery partner was paid Rs 50 per delivery for three kilometres. This will now be drastically reduced to a range of Rs 7 to Rs 18 per delivery.

The delivery personnel are also required to deliver the order at the doorstep (up to 20 kg), failing which they stand the risk of losing their job.

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