Campus Activewear allots ESOPs to employees

The equity shares will have a face value of Rs 5


Campus Activewear has assigned a total of 111,677 equity shares to its employees under the Campus Activewear employee stock option plan 2021- Vision Pool. Each equity share will carry a face value of Rs 5.

Following this allocation, the company’s paid-up capital has risen to Rs 152,45,90,025, which consists of 30,49,18,005 fully paid-up equity shares. This increase in paid-up capital not only indicates the strengthening financial position of the company, but also reflects on its future growth prospects, as well as a positive market sentiment and confidence in its business performance.

As of Friday, the shares of Campus Activewear were trading at Rs 321.75, reflecting a 0.55 per cent increase.

This move by Campus Activewear demonstrates the company’s commitment to involving its employees in its growth and success. By issuing equity shares to its employees, the company provides them with an opportunity to become shareholders and benefit from the future profitability of the company. Additionally, it serves as an effective tool for employee retention and motivation, as it aligns the interests of the employees with those of the company.

Campus Activewear, is an India-based apparel company, dedicated to providing high-quality activewear and athleisure clothing. It also engages both in the production and distribution of a diverse range of footwear, including running shoes, walking shoes, casual shoes, floaters, slippers, flip flops, and sandals. The company was established in 2005, with a focus on empowering individuals to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

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