Medikabazaar rewards its employees with 50% bonus

Both direct and indirect employees have received an amount equivalent to 50% of their monthly salary.


Supply chain constraints are the biggest source of concern for businesses in the manufacturing sector. In these troubling times, employees at Medikabazaar are coming together to help out the business, and the Company, in turn, has rewarded them for their hard work.

The operations team at Medikabazaar — the B2B online platform for medical supplies and equipment — which consists of the supply chain and logistics units, is the backbone of the business. At this time, when employees are working from home, operations employees at Medikabazaar are going to office, to central distribution centres (CDCs) and also facility centres to keep the business running. The Company also employs third partners called the Indigo riders, who form the last-mile delivery team responsible for delivering to the customers.

In a show of gratitude, Medikabazaar has given bonuses to all its employees, most of whom comprise the frontline staff with salaries ranging from Rs 15,000 a month to Rs 5,00,000 lakh per annum. They include everyone from the housekeeping staff at the office, the security guards at the warehouses, the warehouse in-charge, the quality and assurance checks personnel and the delivery riders at the end of the supply chain.

For both direct and indirect employees (those who are on third-party payroll) the Company has granted a bonus amount, which is equivalent to 50 per cent of the monthly salary for each worker.

The employees are being compensated for the whole month of April and for the last six days of March, after the lockdown came into effect. For the six days in March, around 60 employees received the bonus.

Anil Mohanty

We are encouraging everyone to help our logistics team, and anyone who wishes to volunteer can join. Any employee helping support business will be receiving the bonus amount

It is not just the supply and logistics teams that are lending support to the business — in a show of solidarity, employees across functions are volunteering to help the logistics team in delivery. Anil Mohanty, head-HR, says, “We are encouraging everyone to help our logistics team, and anyone who wishes to volunteer can join. Any employee helping support business will be receiving the bonus amount.” Mohanty estimates that the number of volunteers will increase to 75 in April.

Employees are going the extra mile

Delivery has not been easy with airlines and cargo businesses not operational. Employees have had to go the extra mile to ensure that the goods reach the customers. Sharing an example, Mohanty talks about the time when the employees had to deliver a supply crate of personal protection equipment (PPE) kits to a client in Himachal Pradesh, and they had to use a vegetable lorry to make the delivery.

In another example, the Bhubaneshwar municipality had requested the supply of hospital beds to set up a couple of quarantine hospitals in the area. The supply chain management (SCM) head who was from Bhubaneshwar was back in his hometown when the order came in.

SCM head with sales manager setting up quarantine facilities in Bhubaneshwar

Unable to find labourers for assembling and setting up the beds, the SCM head along with the sales manager for Bhubaneshwar got down to work and helped set up the beds and other equipment for the hospitals.

“It is times like these that makes us realise the importance of picking talent with dedication and a positive attitude. I am glad i invested time and effort to bring top-notch industry professionals on-board in the HR department. We cannot miss the human touch, especially in these desolate and lonely times”, says Vivek Tiwari, founder and CEO, Medikabazaar.

Medikabazaar’s Andheri office in Mumbai has been converted into a PPE-assembly centre as most of the office is empty during this time. Mohanty himself went down to motivate and encourage the employees at the office. Around 30 per cent of the 350-strong workforce is working in the field right now.


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