Odisha COVID warriors protected under NSA – to be honoured as martyrs upon death

The initiative by Odisha govt will ensure that all kin of medical professionals and those providing essential services will be given compensation of Rs 50 lakh should they lose their lives.


Odisha Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik has announced that a compensation of Rs. 50 lakh will be provided upon death to the kin of medical professionals and other staff members who are providing essential services during this critical time.

“The Odisha government, in collaboration with the Government of India has taken the initiative to ensure that Rs. 50 lakh is given to all health personnel (private and public) and members of all other support services who lose their precious lives in the fight against COVID-19”, tweeted Patnaik on Tuesday.

The state government has also announced a slew of benefits, including a detailed scheme of awards to be instituted, which will be given to the families of the deceased on national holidays. In addition, the CM has mentioned that the families of all such government personnel, both private and public, will continue to receive full salary till the official date of retirement.

“We have a rich tradition of honouring our brave hearts who fight for the country and acknowledge their supreme sacrifice. In the same spirit, we propose to recognise and honour the valiant work being done by our COVID-19 warriors,” he added.

These personnel who lose their lives in the field, will receive the same honour as the martyrs of the state and will be provided a state funeral.

The CM has also warned of strict action against those who attempt to disrupt the services being provided by these essential staff or found attacking them.
He said that those found guilty will have to face the consequences, as per the provisions of the National Security Act.

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