Staff mistake erroneously-deposited money as Diwali gift

Owing to a technical snag, Rs 40 to 50 crore had been paid in excess by the treasury department to the government employees across Punjab.


On discovering that ‘double salary’ had been deposited into their accounts in the month of October, many Punjab Government employees in Amritsar mistook the deposit as a Diwali gift.

However, they were soon told that the additional amount was erroneously deposited into their accounts and instructed not to withdraw that cash.

AK Maini, district treasury officer, issued a notice to all heads of government offices informing them of the error, and that the additional amount will be taken back soon.

Apparently, this mistake happened not only in Amritsar but throughout the state of Punjab due to some technical snag in the treasury department software.

All the government departments were instructed not to withdraw the second salary and that within a day the excess payment would be taken back by the treasury department.

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