TCS’ anniversary appraisal system altered

Instead of an appraisal on completion of a year in the job, new joinees will now get reviewed during the next annual appraisal of the Company


At TCS, it was routine for new joinees’ compensation to be reviewed on their completing a year in the job, that is, a year from their date of joining. However, now, the Company will review their compensation during the time of the Company’s next annual appraisal process.

A letter to this effect was issued to all eligible employees by the CHRO of TCS. He clarified that all experienced professionals who complete their first year in the job at TCS on 1 April, 2022 or after, can expect their increments or hikes when the subsequent appraisal process or increment cycle takes place in the organisation.

Earlier, the process followed was that on completion of a year from the date of joining, the concerned employees would receive a mail congratulating them and announcing their revised compensation / increment. Many companies follow a similar appraisal process.

However, this tweaking of the appraisal at TCS has been labelled by Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) as cheating. The Union feels the Company should have informed or consulted with the employees before making such policy changes.

The Company, however, maintains that it is not doing away with the appraisals, but only talking of giving increments as part of the annual salary appraisal that follows the anniversary of the employees’ joining. “We have always had increments in line with industry benchmarks. Even during the pandemic, we ensured our increment cycles were unaffected. It is incorrect to suggest otherwise. All experienced hires will be given an increase as part of the annual salary appraisal that follows their one-year anniversary,” TCS spokesperson says.

The Company drew attention to the fact that its increments have always been as per benchmarks in the sector and were offered even during the touch times of the pandemic.

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