Teachers and doctors are highest paid civil servants in Bhutan

Teachers in Bhutan will enjoy a minimum professional allowance of 35 per cent and maximum of 55 per cent, depending on experience.


Giving priority to education and health, Bhutan’s Cabinet has ensured that the country’s teachers, doctors, nurses and medical staff will now be the highest-paid civil servants. This has really overhauled the civil service hierarchy in the country. Over 800 teachers and 4000 medical staff will be benefited.

The Bhutan Cabinet recently announced a pay hike following a formal meeting pertaining to pay revision. The country’s teachers will all enjoy a professional allowance ranging from 35 per cent to 55 per cent. Teachers with no experience or up to 10 years of experience will get a 35 per cent professional allowance, while those with 10 to 20 years of experience will get a 45 per cent allowance. The ones with over two decades of experience will enjoy an allowance equal to 55 per cent.

As per Bhutan Professional Standards, 10 per cent allowance is offered to a ‘proficient’ teacher, 15 per cent to an ‘accomplished’ teacher and 20 per cent to a ‘distinguished’ teacher.

In the health sector, it is reported that MBBS doctors will get a 45 per cent professional allowance with specialists being offered 55 to 60 per cent. Nurses and clinical staff will get a minimum of 35 per cent for 10 years and maximum of 45 per cent has been announced for those who have experience of 10 to 20 years. Those with even higher experience will get 55 per cent.

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