Coronavirus: Workday extends benefits to its employees

This additional payout will provide financial support and flexibility to its employees and help alleviate some of the pressures during the coronavirus scare


Workday has extended a slew of benefits for its employees amidst this COVID-19 or Coronavirus menace.

The company has announced that it will pay two weeks bonus to a majority of its employees. The reason behind this payout is because the company believes that there will be unforeseen costs and needs as schools and support services are moving to virtual experiences or being temporarily suspended. This additional payout will provide financial support and flexibility to its employees. The company hopes it will help alleviate some of the pressures.

Workday has also expanded benefit from 10 to 15 days to help source and pay for back-up childcare providers.

The company has even set up a relief fund to help employees who may need additional support and have significant hardships that go above and beyond. Apart from this, Workday has also expanded the paid sick leave policy for any employee who gets infected with COVID-19.

Employees at Workday will one-year access to Headspace – a research-backed app that offers meditations on everything from stress and anxiety to focus and sleep.

In an official communique, the company stated that by taking care of our employees, it is in turn helping take care of our customers, who are relying on them during this difficult period.

“These are unprecedented times and we feel it’s important that we do what we can to protect and support our workforce and community,” the communique stated.

Founded in 2005, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, planning, and analytics applications.

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