Flipkart invests in infrastructure, skilled workforce

The company is hiring and training new employees in supply chain processes and modern technology usage, emphasising efficiency and a seamless customer experience


As part of Flipkart’s expansion strategy, the company has been actively recruiting new employees. Flipkart plans to utilise its Kirana -delivery programme to handle a significant portion — exceeding 40 per cent— of its shipping operations. To support this initiative, the e-commerce platform has expanded its infrastructure by more than 19 lakh square feet across multiple states, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Telangana.

Its new hire are required to undergo comprehensive training in various aspects of the supply chain process, tailored to their specific roles. Moreover, they will receive instruction in the usage of scanners, handheld devices, diverse mobile applications, point-of-sale (PoS) machines and other relevant technologies.

The strategy involves not only expanding the physical footprint but also investing in a skilled workforce capable of efficiently handling the intricacies of the supply chain. The platform’s commitment to training its employees in cutting-edge technology and equipping them with the necessary tools underscores its dedication to optimising the delivery process and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

The addition of warehousing space in key states across India signifies a strategic move to bolster Flipkart’s storage and distribution capabilities. This expansion, coupled with a well-trained workforce, will ensure growth and efficiency for the e-commerce platform, as it continues to evolve in the competitive landscape of online retail.

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