A ‘thank you’ note that didn’t go down well

Satya Nadella’s note of appreciation was not taken positively by many employees at Microsoft who are disappointed about pay cuts and no pay hikes


When Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, wrote a note of appreciation for his employees, little did he realise that many may not take it positively. The company not only posted extraordinary revenues but its stocks are almost breaking records. However, some employees feel that all of it came at a price and that they would have preferred increments instead of a mere note of appreciation.

Microsoft had revealed its plans to reduce its team strength by 10,000 early this year. The company had also informed the employees that it would not be giving any pay hikes this year and had decided to cut down on bonuses and stock awards too.

While Nadella thanked the employees for their cooperation and team work, some of them chose to react negatively. They drew attention to the fact that the firm and its leadership had made profits at the cost of pay cuts. They are wondering how the company made profits when the employees were deprived of bonuses and had to face salary cuts. Some staff members who have put in up to 16 hours of work and are struggling with inflation and rising healthcare costs admit that they do not feel satisfied working for the firm; that they are more than willing to switch if they received a good opportunity. These negative reactions reportedly received support from about 250 employees who agreed that Microsoft should have lifted the pause imposed on pay hikes if it really wished to thank the employees.


  1. 250 employees have come out openly, the rest must be cursing the top management.
    Such a problem exists not only in Indian corporations, but multinationals as well. Can someone clarify that the CEO’s salary was also cut & that he also did not receive the bonus ?

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