Google extends WFH till Sept 2021, to test ‘flexible work week’

Employees have been clearly told that even if offices do re-open in September next year, they will not be required to come in daily


Google has announced that its employees will work remotely till September 2021. Clearly, the Company has realised that the pandemic is in no hurry to get over and it will be a while before everyone can get vaccinated.

Earlier this year, keeping the safety of its workforce as top priority, the Company had announced that its staff members — whose physical presence in the office is not required — will be working from home till January 2021. Later, it had extended this arrangement until June 2021, becoming one of the first companies to do so. However, it has now extended the WFH arrangement yet again by a couple of months.

That is not all, even when it becomes safe to return to work, the Company hopes to test a ‘fexible work week’ model, wherein staff members will be required to work at least three days a week from the office and the remaining from home.

The new hybrid model is expected to render higher productivity through better collaboration, and at the same time ensure the employees’ well-being.

Google employees have been clearly told via an official mail that even if offices do re-open in September 2021, they will not be required to come in daily.

While the Company has made no announcement regarding whether it will be mandatory for employees to get vaccinated before returning to work, it has suggested that employees get themselves vaccinated whenever their health care provider or local public health authority makes the vaccine available to them.

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