Govt introduces new child care leave policy for female, single male employees

Leave can be availed for up to 730 days over entire service tenure, to care for two eldest surviving children up to 18 years of age


The central government has introduced a noteworthy policy change that grants significant child care leave privileges to female and single male government employees. Jitendra Singh, union minister of state for personnel, conveyed this information on August 9.

This fresh policy outlines that female government employees and single male counterparts engaged in civil services or roles linked to the Union’s affairs can now avail themselves of child care leave (CCL). This provision is stipulated under Rule 43-C of the central civil services (leave) rules, 1972. Eligible employees have the opportunity to utilise this leave for up to 730 days over their entire service tenure.

The core intent of this child care leave is to enable government employees to address their parental responsibilities, particularly caring for their two eldest surviving children up to 18 years of age. An interesting aspect is that there are no age restrictions for availing this leave in the case of differently-abled children.

Singh verified these particulars through a written response to an inquiry within the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Indian Parliament. This policy shift underscores the government’s acknowledgment of the significance of work-life equilibrium and its support for employees in fulfilling caregiving duties.

This modification is poised to have a constructive influence on the lives of government employees, especially women and single men. It bestows upon them the flexibility to effectively manage their work commitments while simultaneously addressing their familial responsibilities. Moreover, this development mirrors a broader societal transition, one that values and acknowledges the essential roles and responsibilities of parents within the framework of today’s workforce.

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