Hunger strike, protests erupt in Kerala over coir sector crisis

Coir workers demand fair wages, job security, and government support as protests escalate in Kerala


The coir industry in Kerala is facing a severe crisis, and the Kerala State Coir Thozhilali Federation has decided to take action. They are planning a hunger strike and protests to draw attention to the issue and express their dissatisfaction with the central and state governments.

AK Rajan, president,  Kerala State Coir Thozhilali Federation, accused the government of favouring big companies and ignoring the traditional workers in the coir sector. He criticised the state government for not doing enough to help the industry and its workers. As a result, coir workers are struggling, and coir societies and small-scale production units are at risk of shutting down.

To address these problems, the Federation has put forward several demands. The members want the governments to ensure that coir workers have jobs and receive fair wages. Additionally, they are asking for financial assistance and incentives to support the industry. 

The Federation is urging the government to provide high-quality coir fibre at affordable prices for cooperatives and private companies. They believe that coir workers should be included in the government’s rural employment scheme and that their jobs should be secure.

The hunger strike and protests are pressurising the Central and state governments to find a long-term solution, protect the livelihoods of coir workers, and ensure the survival of the industry.


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