10% of Australian workforce laid off: Meta

Meta is implementing a global plan to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide, including a portion in Australia. These job cuts are part of Meta's strategic efforts to streamline operations and optimise efficiency across the organisation


In the recent wave of layoffs at Meta, approximately 10 per cent of its Australian workforce has been affected, aligning with the company’s global initiative to eliminate 10,000 positions worldwide. Sources within Meta have revealed that these job cuts have primarily targeted business and operational divisions, which encompass legal teams and regional managers. Surprisingly, the sales teams have largely remained unaffected by these reductions.

The downsizing efforts at Meta have been carefully strategised to streamline the company’s operations and improve its overall efficiency. By focusing on business and operational units, Meta aims to optimise its internal structure and allocate resources more effectively. This approach includes reevaluating legal teams and regional management roles to ensure optimal staffing levels and eliminate any redundancy.

While the reduction in workforce has impacted several areas of Meta’s Australian operations, the sales teams have been shielded from the layoffs. This decision suggests that Meta intends to maintain a strong sales force to drive revenue generation and support its growth strategies. By preserving the sales teams, Meta aims to sustain its market presence and ensure uninterrupted customer engagement.

These job cuts in Australia are part of a broader global plan implemented by Meta, formerly known as Facebook, to eliminate 10,000 roles worldwide. The company is undertaking this restructuring to adapt to changing market dynamics, enhance operational efficiency, and position itself for long-term success in an evolving digital landscape.

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