Training on AI for 5 lakh youth by Microsoft India

The objective is to improve employability by providing the required infrastructure along with training in cloud computing, data sciences, AI and IoT.


In accordance with the climbing demand for the latest technologies in India, Microsoft India is all set to upskill approx. 10,000 of its developers. Not only will it be establishing artificial intelligence (AI) labs in 10 universities but will also provide training to five lakh Indian youth by 2021.

In addition to small government institutions, even big enterprises in India are adopting AI solutions now. The rapid digitisation in the country has triggered a demand for new skillsets.

With an aim to improve employability, the Intelligent Cloud Hub Programme of Microsoft intends to ensure that students have all the necessary facilities— in terms of infrastructure and updated curricula in all the institutions of research and higher education— to be trained in cloud computing, data sciences, AI and IoT.

Microsoft will also collaborate with NITI Aayog to use cloud and AI in various sectors, including agriculture, healthcare and environment. Microsoft has already been collaborating with over 700 institutions and organisations to help customers make efficient use of AI to bridge the skills gap, improve employee productivity, make businesses more agile, enhance customer engagement, and encourage innovation.

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