New mental health leave policy for Urban Company employees

Employees can take unlimited sick leave to recover from mental or physical illness


Under its new mental health leave policy, Urban Company allows its employees to take unlimited sick leaves, if they are mentally or physically unwell, or have contracted COVID-19.

It is now just Urban Company that is taking a step in the right direction to ensure employees’ mental wellness. Recently, media company, Thomson Reuters, had introduced an annual company holiday on October 9, calling it Mental Health Day.

Urban Company, the home services company, which was formerly known as Urban Clap, has tied up with iWill, the mental wellness platform, allowing its employees access to expert psychologists, from whom they can seek advice in case they are facing any mental issue. All the employees need to do is register themselves on iWill, and the consultation cost is taken care of by the Company.

This facility could not have been better timed, with World Mental Health Day right round the corner on October 10. Also, given the ongoing pandemic and the work-from-home situation, employees are undergoing a lot of mental stress and anxiety. Some may not even realise they are suffering until they talk to an expert. Treatment of mental issues can be rather costly and not many can afford it even if they do come to realise that they require help. Through this initiative, Urban Company has ensured that its employees’ mental issues are addressed on time.

The Company has always been very considerate towards its employees, encouraging them to take breaks to relax. The staff of Urban Company have already been given the option to work from home till the end of this year. They have also been granted five additional privileged leaves. There is also a policy of no meetings on Wednesdays and even ‘silent hours’. For the employees who live alone in the city, the Company follows a ‘buddy system’.

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