Rajasthan govt employees now eligible for full pension after 25 years of service

Government employees in Rajasthan now qualify for full pension benefits after 25 years of service. Additionally, pensioners or family pensioners aged 75 and above will receive a 10% increase in their pension allowance


The Rajasthan government has made significant changes to the pension and employment policies for its employees. A recent cabinet meeting, chaired by chief minister Ashok Gehlot, resulted in several key decisions. Firstly, government employees who complete 25 years of service will now be eligible for full pension benefits, as opposed to the previous requirement of 28 years. Additionally, pensioners or family pensioners who reach the age of 75 will receive an additional 10 per cent pension allowance.

In a move to support the OBC (other backward classes) category, the government has decided to reserve OBC-MBC category recruitment posts for three years if no eligible candidates are found. Previously, this provision was limited to the SC-ST category. Furthermore, in the event of an employee or pensioner’s death, their married disabled son or daughter will now be entitled to receive family pension benefits.

These new rules and provisions will come into effect from April 1, 2023. Moreover, the government has decided to increase the special pay for employees. The cabinet has approved the proposal to amend the Rajasthan civil services rules of 2017, in line with CM Gehlot’s announcement in the 2023-24 budget. This will ensure that special allowance and special pay for employees are increased based on the recommendations of the pay anomaly testing committee.

Another significant decision made by the cabinet is to provide work-charged employees in government departments with pay and rank equal to that of regular government employees. Furthermore, the proposal to amend the Rajasthan civil services revised pay scale rules has been approved, enabling work-charged employees to receive full salary and pension benefits upon retirement.



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