‘Relocate from ageing quarters for your safety’: Tata Motors to employees

The notice addresses the deteriorating condition of approximately 150 ageing housing units, posing a risk of plaster and concrete collapse.


Tata Motors’ management has issued a notice to its employees, urging them to leave the company housing units near Azad Market in Telco Colony, Jamshedpur, due to safety concerns. The notice is a response to the deteriorating condition of around 150 old housing units, which are at risk of plaster and concrete collapses.  

The sudden notice, given during the upcoming Diwali and Chhath Puja holidays, has raised concerns among the employees affected by it. Some of them had recently moved to the area, and others had just repainted their quarters for the upcoming Chhath Puja celebrations.  

Tata Motors’ management has officially deemed these residential quarters unsuitable for occupation and, citing security concerns, has recommended their evacuation. The company has identified these aged quarters for demolition, necessitating an immediate request for employees to explore alternative housing arrangements through the Municipal Administration Department.

Employees have been directed to vacate these quarters within 30 days, with the company explaining that this decision is necessary due to their deteriorating condition and security concerns. Additionally, the presence of unoccupied quarters has attracted unwanted anti-social elements.  

As part of their regular practice, Tata Motors is relocating employees from these quarters to more spacious and suitable housing options. The company maintains that this is a standard procedure and not an unusual or unprecedented move.

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