Saudi Arabia approves 18 certificates to boost workforce development

This strategic decision is anticipated to strengthen the competitiveness of Saudi Arabia's domestic workforce


With the aim to enhance job prospects and facilitate career growth for the national workforce, Saudi Arabia’s human resources development fund has taken big steps towards it. The fund has recently granted approval to 18 new professional certificates.

The initiative aligns with the strategic vision of Saudi Arabia’s ministry of human resources and social development, which aims to cultivate a strong, efficient, and stable workforce. As per the official statements released by the department, this announcement increases the total count of approved professional certificates in the country to 146.

The recently authorised professional certificates target three specific sectors: finance and banking, industrial engineering, and information technology. This strategic decision is anticipated to strengthen the competitiveness of Saudi Arabia’s domestic workforce, demonstrating the nation’s dedication to cultivating a skilled and capable labour force.

By expanding the portfolio of approved professional certificates, the Kingdom demonstrates its commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce capable of meeting the evolving demands of its growing economy. Additionally, these efforts highlight Saudi Arabia’s dedication to fostering a vibrant labour market and creating abundant opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

The official recognition and accreditation of these professional certifications are intended to inspire and support the skills development of Saudi workers across different sectors.

Moreover, the human resources development fund actively engages with other programmes and initiatives to empower national talents, enabling them to acquire essential professional skills and capabilities. This collaborative effort seeks to create a productive and prosperous workforce in Saudi Arabia.

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