Showreel, will help job seekers create video resumes

The app is the brainchild of Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder, Hotmail


Sabeer Bhatia, who had co-founded Hotmail, is now gearing to launch a new social-video app called Showreel. The app, which is in Beta mode presently, will help job seekers create video resumes that can be used to apply for jobs. The video resumes can also be used to seek partners or even pitch new business ideas.

Showreel will also improve interactions for business purposes. The app is available on iOS as well as android and can be customised as per requirements. It will help job seekers create professional videos in response to the questions posed by employers or recruiters.

It is predicted that the future will be all about effective video resumes or QR codes that link to video resumes.

While presently Showreel is focussed on effectively connecting job seekers with employers who need them, engineers are already working on the app to enhance its features. In the future, it can be used not just for finding jobs and making matches, but also to undertake effective surveys, since text in written form will no longer be a hurdle. Over time, it can effectively applied in the healthcare space too.

The business model, it is expected, will be scaled up in six months’ time. The platform will be officially launched in India and then in the US.

Bhatia is reportedly in talks with a few Indian and global companies to use the platform for hiring purposes, as it is an economical option.

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