Strict surveillance in Kerala to prevent illegal recruitment

‘Operation Shubhayatra’ will keep visa fraud in check and prevent illegal hiring and human trafficking


Announcing the launch of ‘Operation Shubhayatra’, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that the initiative is part of the measures taken to keep visa fraud in check and to stop illegal recruitment and human trafficking.

While a surveillance system has been put in place with the active involvement of the Centre, it has been realised that there is a need to move all foreign hiring to the ‘e-migrate’ system. If this happens, it will become easy to obtain and preserve data pertaining to those working outside the country.

The department of the Government of Kerala that looks into the grievances of Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs), called Non Resident Keralites Affairs or NORKA, is already taking the right steps and coordinating with various Indian embassies and expat organisations to safely bring back home victims of fake hiring or human trafficking, who are stranded abroad.

Surveillance has been increased at the airports and coasts. Additionally, the cyber cell is also doing its bit to track and stop hiring frauds via social media.

Anti-human trafficking units have been set up in all districts as part of the measures to curtail illegal overseas hiring.

Awareness programmes to ensure that job aspirants remain alert to illegal hiring and human trafficking are being planned by NORKA.

A State Cell has been set up to check such fraudulent activites, which is headed by a nodal officer, who is an IG from the Crime Branch.

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