TCS makes ‘3 days a week in office’ mandatory

An official mail has been sent to the staff informing them of this mandate


After trying to woo their employees back to office with a social-media campaign, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has now sent a mail to them making it mandatory to be in office for a minimum of three days a week. That means, TCS is inching towards its 25×25 model in a phased manner.

Although a deadline has not been set for the staff to return to office, they have been told to follow the schedule their team leads, supervisors or managers set for them, as per the demands of the various projects.

The transition to a more hybrid model in the Company is being facilitated with enhanced internal processes.

The mail informed the employees that the senior employees have already been working from office for some time now, and the Company’s clients are also visiting the offices, indicating that it is high time the workforce did so too.

Therefore, it requires managers to draw up a roster and also ensure compliance.

It has been clearly conveyed to the employees that those who fail to comply with the mandate or follow the roster will invite serious action.

As per TCS’ 25×25 model, which was announced amidst the pandemic when everyone was asked to work from home — the target for which was set at 2025 —TCS’ strategy was to ensure that at any given point, there would be only 25 per cent of employees working from home. The Company, however, is exercising a lot more control in the implementation of the model, which it is doing in a gradual fashion.

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