TresVista offers Rs 10K as WFH setup reimbursement to staff

Along with this one-time WFH reimbursement, the Company is also offering caregivers’ special leave and COVID+ve paid leaves to its staff amidst the pandemic


TresVista has taken several employee-friendly measures in the right direction, to support them through the pandemic, and sail through the remote-working situation. The Bangalore-based company, which provides high-end outsourced support to organisations, asset managers, and businessmen, is offering caregivers’ leave, support for employees who test positive for COVID-19 and one-time reimbursement for whatever the employees procure to set up their ‘home office’

Keeping the health and well-being of employees as the priority, Sudeep Mishra, MD and co-founder, TresVista, states, “With our people working tirelessly to take us forward, it is our privilege to be able to help and assure them that we will support them and their families.”

The caregiver’s special leave allows employees to take paid leave to care for their immediate family members or extended family. In case hospitalisation is involved, the leave can be extended to 10 days, and the leave is not limited to COVID-19.

To facilitate self-care, employees who test positive for COVID are allowed to take additional five days of paid leave. If required, extended paid sick leave can be taken.

Employees are given a one-time reimbursement of Rs 10,000 to set up their workstations at home, with comfortable desk, chair and so on.

TresVista has more than 650 employees across its offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai, New York, Pune and Singapore.

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