Udemy’s first employee hub comes up in Gurugram

The online learning platform with more than 30 million students, has expanded its operations to India


Udemy, the American online learning platform, has now entered Indian educational technology space, and has established its first employee hub in Gurugram. With more than 30 million students and 42,000 instructors across the globe, the Company is already quite popular with students in India. The hub at Gurugram will help give a push to the Company’s business in the country.

Udemy has stiff competition in the country from Byju’s, Unacademy, and other players. While Byju’s is one of the most popular learning platforms, having expanded quite fast due to receipt of more than $775 million of capital, Unacademy too is reported to have received more than about $39 million in funds. In addition to the regular offering to its individual students, Udemy also has offerings meant for corporates in the form of exclusive ‘Udemy for Business’ solutions.

This is aimed at faciliting skill development programmes for the employees at larger organisations. This offering is based on subscriptions and makes more than 3000   high-quality technical and business courses available to learners. It also offers a user-friendly platform for creating and distributing content.

The courses offered by Udemy are available in more than 50 languages, and are accessible not just on the Web, but on mobile phones, Apple TV and also via Chromecast. Additionally, subscribers can also download and view the courses offline, and even change video quality if the bandwidth is poor.

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