Cisco bats for hybrid work, centres of collaboration

The global networking company will allow its 75,000 employees to choose to work from home permanently, if they so wish


Cisco is all for the hybrid work model. It will allow its employees to opt for permanent work from home if they so wish. The employees and managers can decide how and where to work from. The staff can choose the days on which they wish to come in to office or stay home on all days, if they so desire.

This arrangement will result in cost saving as facility expenses will be reduced drastically. However, the Company will invest significantly on technology to enable remote work and ensure that all its 75,000 employees are able to connect seamlessly and collaborate, irrespective of their location, without fearing any security breach.

The Company is reportedly planning to turn its physical office spaces into centres of collaboration, which the employees can access whenever required for team activities or important meetings. Apparently, many employees of Cisco have worked remotely for years, even before the pandemic struck. About 63 per cent of Cisco staff worked from its physical offices for three to five days a week.

A significant 77 per cent of Cisco employees had made it clear in an internal survey that they preferred remote working. In fact, they preferred to work outside their offices for three to five days a week.

Post the pandemic-induced lockdown, Cisco India’s 12,500 employees began working from home. Its workforce was restricted to around 10 major cities before the lockdown. Post the pandemic, the workforce spread over 300 cities across India.

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