5 Workplace ideals from FRIENDS


What we can learn from the popular TV show of the 1990s- FRIENDS

Friends has earned its place as one of the most successful and iconic sitcoms of television history ever since it started airing in 1994. Each character in the series has a unique personality, presence and relevance in the show. From immortalised quotes and lines, to significant lessons in life, the show has inspired many. Here are a few personality traits envisioned in the show that we can directly relate to in our professional lives, in terms of workplace culture and ethics.

Chandler’s wit and creativity
Wit and creativity go hand in hand. Chandler’s witty responses have been instrumental in winning our hearts over. Creativity works wonders at the workplace. Let’s face it — not everyone is lucky to have an interesting job role. Witty personalities light up the atmosphere, making the job more fun. It is also an indispensable part of various job roles like marketing and media creation.

Monica’s management skills
Monica is probably one of the best examples of efficient management, and her culinary skills serve as the icing on the cake. Management qualities are one of the primary requirements for any one at the workplace, even those involved in the technical sphere. Being multi-talented is slowly becoming a deciding factor for job interviews, and good managerial qualities show up quite often in a fast-evolving work environment.

Joey’s helpfulness
‘How you doin?’ The iconic line made immortal by Joey conveys a lot of emotions, primarily the feeling of familiarity, friendliness and the willingness to help others. This is critical to teamwork and productivity at any workplace. A helpful attitude goes a long way in creating a strong bond among colleagues. A helpful person can be depended upon and trusted without second thoughts. More so, because team effort always reaps better results than individual attempts.

Ross’ sincere passion
Watching Ross evokes a feeling of sincerity. Everything about him – from his role to his pride in being a paleontologist screams passion. He could talk about his job continuously without getting tired. This is the kind of passion employees at today’s organisations, especially startups, should possess. A company can only flourish when all its employees work with great enthusiasm. Organisations can promote this by encouraging entrepreneurial traits and being open to new ideas.

Rachel’s style and confidence
An immaculate sense of style evokes confidence, and Rachel is probably its best example. Along with being confident, Rachel also knows how to put her point across. This is very important at the workplace as it defines one’s place in the flow. A good presenter is always favoured, as articulating a point clearly is a trait high in demand, especially in jobs where one has to constantly interact and deal with clients.

Five characters; five iconic personalities; a treasure trove of qualities and lessons for life! No wonder this seminal TV show has redefined generations and inspired workplace cultures, earning a special place in the hearts of many.

(The author is a member of the Product Marketing team at Mettl, one of India’s fastest growing assessment platforms and skill measurement company. Along with writing articles for HR, he has a tendency to tinker with gadgets in his free time and is also vocal about his love for Android.)

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