“We need leaner business models in 2022,” Pradyumna Pandey

As per Pradyumna Pandey, CHRO, Mother Dairy, initial trends indicates that the IT function will secure highest salary increments


A big change in 2022

While the pandemic brought with it many challenges, it also offered the country the opportunity to reinforce its position as a preferred destination for manufacturing. Organisations are focusing on readjusting their strategies to meet the requirements of this changed landscape. This will create more jobs and the need for skilled manpower in the long run. Post pandemic, we will be required to target leaner business models. This means, organisations will be required to put more efforts into upskilling and reskilling of the existing workforce on the basis of the new skills that are required to successfully execute these new models.

Multiskilling complemented by soft skills such as innovative mindset, learnability, and creative/ critical thinking will now be in more demand. The 2022 workplace will witness more infusion of technology into the learning methodology. Placing the control in the hands of the learner and providing equal opportunities to grow in many possible fields will hold the key.

“IT function will attract the maximum salary hike due to the acceleration of digitisation triggered by the pandemic”

Voice for change among employees getting stronger

Demand for transparency became stronger when the millennials began entering the organisations and more job opportunities emerged in the market. Employees have started challenging conventions and the voice for change has become louder. Also, with the help of digitisation, it has become easy for organisations to put robust and transparent people processes in place.

Function that will see highest salary increase in 2022

Initial trends indicates that the IT function will secure highest salary increments. The primary reason for it is the demand-supply mismatch in the talent market, while the second reason is the pandemic-imposed focus on technology infusion in every sphere of business.

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