How personalised & curated digital learning is the recipe for successful L&D

Needless to say, L&D has to address these variations with the right kind of digital learning programmes


Personalised and curated digital learning can help create time-efficient, relevant and targeted corporate training programmes.

In an evolving business landscape, learning and development (L&D) and human resources (HR) teams are continually exploring newer approaches to manage workforce development and help businesses stay ahead of competition. Given the many changes in recent times, the need to improve L&D is higher than ever today.

While new digital technologies are making some current skills redundant and pushing the need for rapid reskilling, the nature of workforce demographics has also become an important consideration. Learners today differ largely in terms of their learning styles, interests, requirements and aspirations.

Needless to say, L&D has to address these variations with the right kind of digital learning programmes. Learning strategies have to be designed in a way to offer effective learning experiences to all types of employees to upskill and reskill, while helping foster a culture of continuous learning to sustain the training momentum.

One of the most effective tools to this end is personalised and curated digital learning. Organisations are already looking at similar learning approaches, as the Deloitte and NHRD’s report, ‘Future of learning in the wake of COVID-19’ points out. According to the report, 80 per cent of L&D leaders are moving away from content development towards content curation. About 61 per cent leaders are focussing on personalised content as a method more suited to deliver learning, to fulfil the unique needs of individual workers.

Crafting training to meet varied learner needs and styles

In general, personalised and curated digital learning enables L&D and HR teams to align organisational learning to upskilling/reskilling needs and business goals in a better manner. By curating learning, it is possible to offer a customised and tailored approach that meets the specific interests of learners, their strengths, proficiency levels and their future needs.

As learners juggle multiple tasks at the same time, they look forward to spending time on learning experiences that are specially customised for them and will justify the time they spend on training. With personalised and curated digital learning, learners can get more ownership and control over their learning journey, which spikes their interest, creates better engagement, and encourages them to proactively access learning resources. Moreover, because a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not apply to training, personalised learning is more impactful to meet learner expectations.

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Here are some key benefits of personalised and curated digital learning:

· Drives higher learner engagement because it is more personal and relevant to learners’ specific needs

· Supports skills development through customised learning paths that are connected to learners’ current and required proficiency levels as well as needs, interest and aspirations

· Offers just-in-time learning support to employees to perform their jobs in a better manner

· Helps employees bridge skills gaps and pick up new skills they require to progress in their career to be in sync with their goals

· Attracts and helps retain talent because of a personalised approach that aids learners to meet their goals more effectively

· Encourages continuous learning as the workforce remains more engaged thanks to relevant learning experiences

· Creates a pull-based approach instead of a push-based approach for completing mandated courses

· Aligns individual employees effectively to the overall goals of the organisation

· Builds more productive and effective talent pools, contributing to overall business success

How to create impactful digital learning programmes to fulfil learner expectations

Creating personalised and curated digital learning programmes involves adopting a learning-centric approach that focuses on customised learning paths. Mobile learning is an effective way for such kind of training because it helps employees consume learning content anytime, anywhere, on-the-go, at their pace and as per their convenience.

Microlearning is another effective method for curated digital learning, as it addresses the varied learning needs of learners through small, crisp, bite-sized learning nuggets that offer just-in-time learning support.

Another way is to opt for engaging content formats, such as video and other interactive learning methodologies. Adding supplementary training content in the form of interesting formats such as infographics, cheat sheets, reference guides, and so on also goes a long way in enhancing learner engagement and motivation.


The benefit of deploying smart, personalised and curated digital learning experiences to aid employee development is being increasingly recognised by L&D and HR teams. Relevant recommendations and learning journeys successfully boost employee engagement and satisfaction to enhance productivity within the organisation.

The author, Amit Gautam is the Founder & CEO of UpsideLMS and Plethora. He is a learning technology enthusiast and a passionate leader. An IIM and NIT alumnus, Gautam is the key idea generator for UpsideLMS & Plethora’s product teams, a Sales and Marketing orchestrator, a learning technology solutions consultant for clients and prospects, and a mentor for all the function heads at his company.

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