Amazon deploys robots at warehouses; maintains humans can’t be replaced

Amazon is confident that the humanoids will only handle repetitive tasks and will help create new jobs


In a bid to “free up” its warehouse staff, so that they can focus on improved customer service and better delivery service, Amazon has deployed humanoid robots at its warehouses across the US.

While the move is being seen by the unions as an indication of impending job losses,

Amazon maintains that these robots will only take over the ‘repetitive’ and mundane tasks; that they will work in collaboration with the employees and actually create thousands of new jobs!

According to the company, its robotics systems have actually given rise to 700 new job types that never existed before.

Amazon already has over 7.5 lakh robots working along with its human employees, making full use of their robotic arms and legs capable of picking, grasping, lifting and moving objects and items.

Clearly, Amazon is all for automation across its operations. ‘Digit’, the prototype being tried across its warehouses has legs to walk and arms with which it is able to conveniently move around containers and packages. The company claims to be testing whether ‘Digit’ can work safely along with human beings.

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