Saraf Furniture introduces period leave policy for women employees

Women employees are entitled to period leave each month, which will granted over and above their regular leaves


Saraf Furniture, an Indian furniture brand, has announced period leave policy for its women employees. The Company has taken this step considering the biological needs of women employees in the firm and to create an inclusive and employee-centric culture in the firm.

The period leave will be available to all women employees every month, and will be granted over and above the regular leaves and holidays that each employee is entitled to. Women employees can avail this benefit each month when they require. This decision will also ensure a work-life balance for every employee in the Company.

Currently, women constitute around more than 150 of the 1500-strong workforce at Saraf Furniture. This move will also ensure equity at the workplace.

“At Saraf Furniture, we firmly believe in ‘Practice what you preach’. By introducing this period leave policy at the workplace, we want to leave no stone unturned to provide the best to our employees. Also, the key motive behind the policy is to develop an inclusive work culture. We want our women employees to focus on their health and happiness,” shares Raghunandan Saraf, founder & CEO, Saraf Furniture.

It is hoped that the policy will promote a growth-oriented environment at the workplace.

Earlier, the Company had also announced that it will be hiring 200-250 employees from the LGBTQ community in various roles.

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