Employer abducted by employees for not paying salary

The young employer was tortured and only released after he gave them assurance of their salaries.


Seven employees of a private technology firm in Karnataka allegedly kidnapped their 23-year old employer, Sujay SK, and tortured him because he had not paid their salaries for a few months. Four of the kidnappers were arrested by the police.

The start-up, which was launched in January had suffered monetary losses and had to be shut down in three months. Even though Sujay had assured the employees that he would pay them their salaries, he had failed to actually do so. His abductors released him only after he assured them that he would pay up.

However, it is reported that after being released Sujay returned home, only to try and take his own life, following which he had to be hospitalised. He reportedly tried to consume rat poison and swallowed over two dozen tablets.

Apparently, this was the second time that Sujay was kidnapped by the employees. He had been abducted a few days earlier too and kept confined for two days, thrashed and then released. However, Sujay did not file any police complaint against these employees. After the second abduction, he attempted suicide at home following which he landed up in hospital. That is where the medico-legal case was filed by the hospital and that is how the police got to take his statement. Three of the employees are still absconding. However, Sujay has named all seven of them.

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