35% reservation for women in MP government jobs

50% teachers’ posts will also be reserved for women by the state government


Women will now enjoy 35 per cent reservation in government jobs in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, only 30 per cent jobs were reserved for women in the State government. When it comes to recruitment for teachers’ posts, 50 per cent roles will now be reserved for women. This is part of the Madhya Pradesh government’s efforts to ensure that women in the state are able to earn a minimum of Rs 10,000 monthly. The state is also taking steps to encourage entrepreneurship amongst women.

Earlier, under the Ladli Behna Yojana, women were granted Rs 1,000 per month. This amount has now been hiked to Rs 1,250 per month, as announced by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, ahead of the Raksha Bandhan. This will benefit about 1.25 crore women. The amount will be increased gradually, and is expected to touch Rs 3,000 so that the women are in a better position economically. Women will also be granted small pieces of land in industrial estates so that they can set up their own small-scale units. The state government hopes that women will be able earn at least Rs 10,000 a month through these efforts.

Additionally, women are being given cooking gas cylinders at the rate of Rs 450 for the holy month of Sawan. Work is in progress to make this a permanent subsidy. 1.25 crore women have been given Rs 250 each ahead of the Rakhi festival.

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