UST’s unique way to empower its workforce

The IT company is imparting training on ‘Kalaripayattu’, a martial art form of Kerala, to its employees


UST, a multinational digital technology and transformation company, has come up with a unique way to empower its employees. The global firm has started imparting training in a martial art form of Kerala to its employees working at its Thirvnanthapuram campus.

More than 120 employees have joined the ‘Kalaripayattu’ training of which 50 have already been fully trained. The employees are being taught by Gurukkal Dr S Mahesh, who is a fifth generation master or guru who was a disciple of the esteemed Agasthyam Kalari that has been teaching the martial art form for more than a century.

The training is aimed at ensuring that employees are physically fit, mentally resilient and emotionally strong. The sessions will serve as a stress reliever for the employees and in the process teach them essential self-defence techniques. This will not only keep them safe but also go a long way in making them more self-confident.

Another advantage is that the employees will learn more about their culture and develop a well-rounded personality.

The traditional workout sessions are designed to encourage team work and increase bonding amongst the employees.

Another company, called Acsia Technologies had begun offering Kalaripayattu training to its employees.

The employees are also given certificates on successful completion of the course. The certification comes from the Indian Knowledge System Centre for Kalaripayattu and Siddhar Tradition, run by Agasthyam Kalari and Trinity College of Engineering.

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