Wipro to accelerate hiring, take on 30,000 freshers by 2023

In the second quarter itself the Company hopes to onboard 6,000 freshers and provide offer letters to 30,000


In an endeavour to counter the increasing attrition level at Wipro, the information technology major is planning to hire more freshers, even as demand for digitisation continues to rise globally. It will onboard 6,000 freshers this quarter itself and send out offer letters to 30,000 freshers who are expected to join in 2023. About 2,000 freshers have already joined the Company in Q1.

Wipro does not see attrition as a huge challenge, though, and accepts it as a natural phenomenon in the face of rising demand for tech professionals the world over. Attrition has risen from 12 per cent in the previous quarter to 15.5 per cent in the first quarter of FY22. Many dropouts are expected in the next quarter. The organisation simply plans to resolve the issue by hiring more freshers from the campuses and by reskilling its existing employees. In the financial year 2022, the Company plans to onboard 33 per cent more freshers than in the last financial year.

The Company will not allow attrition to hamper its growth in any way, even though its ‘people’ cost is expected to go up.

It is already working on offering promotions and bonuses, but its main focus will now be on creating a pipeline of freshers to fulfil the demand surge. A significant section of the workforce was given increments and a second round of hikes is expected in September.


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